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Serbia, the Last Romantic, gentle. Like I said, not all serbs think this way, but this is the general cultural view of these sorts of things. As a serbian american woman, I can tell you that the serbian culture is extremely patriarchal.

Dating in Belgrade?- Advice Needed
Belgrade dating site - free online dating in Belgrade (Serbia)

Also i like sport dance mjusik TealadyUK woman.o. I am not completely back to work yet.

Re: dating sites, hallo, I am not sure that I understand your question?! I saw that you are from. Also the vast, vast majority of serbian men DO nothing around the house. That is they do not lift a finger as far as keeping house, cooking and childcare is concerned even in very progressive households, even when both partners are working outside of the home. Its easier to go out, and to meet someone. Perhaps your man is an exception, or perhaps you yourself are in agreement with these views, I am just providing information.

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