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giggling in pleasure. Admiral Hackett on the QEC. If Samantha's in a relationship with Shepard, Joker counters that she's being pissy about it considering that circumstance, although if not, Joker just says there are other fish in the sea, but Traynor isn't willing to let that voice "feeling like smoky satin across the. Later, when the squad is crawling in through the emergency exit, Shepard comments on how very skeptical he/she would be if someone had told him/her that a toothbrush would save the Normandy. Wenn, shepard nach, menae aufbricht meldet sich Samantha zum ersten Mal. Shepard either proves their identity by identifying the model of toothbrush Traynor uses or pointing out that a disciplinary hearing is needed before any firing is done, also wondering why the only thing Traynor would grab when leaving is a toothbrush. After the fall of Thessia, a frustrated Shepard asks the assembled crew in the War Room if they know of any lead on where Cerberus is hiding. Samantha hat ein Pad dabei und klärt Shepard über die wichtigsten Neuerungen des Schiffes auf, seit die. They hoarded tech because they had no budget, but in the Normandy, for comparison, Traynor simply asks EDI to upgrade the ship's combat data analysis time by using technology from Ariake Technologies, and the AI speedily complies, impressing Shepard. In der englischen Vertonung des Spieles hat Samantha einen sehr ausgeprägten britischen Akzent. If Shepard doubts her ability to lead, Samantha counters that with someone else in charge she would be a terrible back-seat performer.

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Shepard either offers words of encouragement, or orders Traynor to beat the asari (if in a relationship, under penalty of shower privileges withdrawal if she loses, with special emphasis on Shepard's glare). If Shepard merged organic and synthetic life, Traynor will be the one to hug EDI at the end.

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Shepard can epsom dating sivustoja either praise her for the effort or ignore it while being focused on Kai Leng. Samantha Traynor ist die Komm-Spezialistin der, sSV Normandy SR-2. After the match, if Shepard tries to woo her, she will excuse herself, hinting that the commander isn't "her type". Once, javik has been recruited, Traynor expresses sympathy for the relatively frequently attacked colonists. Samantha claims to "love and treasure" Shepard when her lover starts to dance, though concedes that the Commander's moves are just terrible.