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did not occur until after World War. Together, these seven groups account for 92 of all plastics ever made. Zur Übersicht, dGTF Kalender, impressum - 2018 dgtf - Optimized for modern browsers. Data on fiber and additives production are not readily available and have typically been omitted until now. For example, in 2015, 42 of primary nonfiber plastics produced (146 Mt) entered use as packaging and 19 (65 Mt) as construction, whereas nonfiber plastic waste leaving use was 54 packaging (141 Mt) and only 5 construction (12 Mt). The growth of plastics production in the past 65 years has substantially outpaced any other manufactured material. Bio-based or biodegradable plastics currently have a global production capacity of only 4 Mt and are excluded from this analysis ( 16 ). At the same time, global solid waste generation, which is strongly correlated with gross national income per capita, has grown steadily over the past five decades ( 4, 5 ). Mahoney for designing Fig.

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Contamination of freshwater systems and terrestrial habitats is also increasingly reported ( 7 9 as is environmental contamination with synthetic fibers ( 9, 10 ). Thus, near-permanent contamination of the natural environment with plastic waste is a growing concern. PP A fibers add another 1000. Plastic debris has been found in all major ocean basins ( 6 with an estimated 4 to 12 million metric tons (Mt) of plastic waste generated on land entering the marine environment in 2010 alone ( 3 ). Chamberlain for researching additives, and. If production were to continue on this curve, humankind will have produced 26,000 Mt of resins, 6000 Mt of PP A fibers, and 2000 Mt of additives by the end of 2050. Today, China alone accounts for 28 of global resin and 68 of global PP A fiber production ( 13 15 ). MacAdam-Somer for researching synthetic fibers. Funding: This work was conducted within the Marine Debris Working Group at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California, Santa Barbara, with support from Ocean Conservancy.

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dating site tutkimus