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use flat sole shoes (lol) so you can place the bar on your heels rather than the middle of your foot. Vegan, vegetarian, lactose free, low carb, high carb - whatever you prefer I got you covered! 17th September (Monday) - My new home based plan releases! Cant wait to meet you and squeeze you! Do 12 reps of thrusts the go straight into the DLs.

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Youll be very exhausted here, hehe. #TLL 63,761 510, supersets from my bootody boost plan! Did you miss me this weekend? 35,965 793, actual feelz when your diet plan has bread in it! Workout Cable bicep curls 3x12 2 Leaning single arm lat pull down 3x10 3 Low cable row 3x15 4 Rope pulldown 2x15 2x8 superset below 2x10 5 Cable row - lean chest against the back rest of a bench. Leggings: @celestialbodiez / top: @ryderwear. Keep your hips touching the bench at all time. 1 smith bridge 5 sets 12 reps - this is also a perfect substitute when your smith machine doesnt go as low as you need it to when performing regular hip thrusters. Were so close to final products now. Repeat this 5 times and try to keep your rest between the 3 SS as short as you can but still as long as you have to, to be able to perform the sets!