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everyone, including Finn and Will, shocked. She assures him they're only baking and Finn stares after Puck jealously when he leaves the room. spoiler in the finale of Season 1, Rachel kissed Finn, later on Finn tells her that he loves her, and then they start dating. Finn comes up to Quinn after finding this out and shows her the picture of how she used to be, kept in his wallet in place of one of her "better pictures saying that it is his favorite of her because it is the first. Right before they perform. Later, when Will asks Finn if he could talk to him in a hallway, Finn is seen looking scared, because he thinks that Emma told him about the kiss. ( The Role You Were Born to Play ) Will tells the New Directions that he is leaving for Washington and about Finn taking over glee club. Will tells him that he can't force him to do anything and now it is the time to take a step back and give Emma some space and that on the meantime, he's been catching up on a lot of old movies. Finn asks what else he has been up to, because he's worried about him.

Will gets it and offers to give Tina a few of her verses. Later, while talking to Emma, he tells her that he feels guilty about the kiss and that he wants to tell Will about it, but Emma talks him out of doing so and when Will walks in on them talking he kisses Emma in front. ( Hold on to Sixteen ) Finn helps Will find an engagement ring for Emma. Schuester is because of Finn (which is a lie).

Although shocked at first, Finn promises Quinn he'll support her fully. Quinn is seen leaning on Finn while he is sitting down at the beginning of the episode. Will tries to converse with Finn and apologizes to him about the issue between him and Emma, and he asks him to return to the Glee Club to help him with Regionals. He then informs Will that he is thinking about quitting Glee as he is being called names by the football team and that his reputation is going down. Rachel didn't give up, and thought he still cared for her, and will come back, at the same time, Finn was trying to get her back. After choosing football over Glee, Will tries to get Finn to come back to New Directions. This results in Finn almost getting thrown out of prom again but he storms out. A very upset and angry Finn declares he is done with her, ending their relationship and his friendship with Puck. She also suggests to get a teaching degree. He also says that Finn is a good kid. Finn tells Will that he will always be by his side because he is his best man and Will thanks him. In Finn's imagination, they sang The Scientist together with Emma, Santana, Brittany, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine.