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of 1966, producer, Saturday Night Live. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 1979. 24 William Lyon Mackenzie King, class of 1895, former Prime Minister of Canada. Church of England in 1849 and renamed it the University of Toronto. University College: A Portrait. 14 Detail of an ornate arch over the south entrance The East Wing was swiftly restored after suffering extensive fire damage in 1890. Michael Marrus, class of 1963, former dean, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto.

17 University College has the characteristic arched and rounded windows as well as huge, cavernous facades. It comprises a main collection of 35,000 volumes and secondary collections in literature and poetry. 16 To achieve a picturesque approach, Cumberland ignored the classical symmetry and deliberately gave an asymmetrical architectural expression. Councillor Joe Mhevic believes 53 new bodyrub licences should be issued since 100s are already open, oh My! A Not Unsightly Building: University College and Its History. The Lit is also responsible for the student-run Diabolos' coffee bar, and the annual Fireball formal, commemorating the 1890 fire which destroyed the college. Marilyn Powell, class of 1960, broadcaster. University of Toronto Facts and Figures (PDF). In addition, there are four houses within the Whitney Residence: Cody, Mulock, Falconer, and Ferguson. The Condition of the Working Class in Toronto. Queen's College in, kingston opted to stay independent. Saul Rae, class of 1936, diplomat.