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so I decided to examine various examples at random with both Translator.5 and CDxtract.6 revision 2 to see how the results. Music Room, what are you listening to, kitchen/Dining Room. For a wider range of more generalpurpose conversions, the only real competition is the shareware CDxtract ( m now at version.6 revision 2, which can read SoundFonts, Samplecell/PC, and Kurzweil K2000/2500 bank files on DOSformatted drives, as well as a comprehensive selection of proprietary nonDOS formats. If you want mainly PCbased conversions, FMJ Software's Awave Audio is now at version.2, and provides an impressively long list of supported individual sample formats, as well as some higher instrumentlevel support including Gigasampler, Reaktor, and SoundFonts. It does still have some rough edges, and I initially had a few doubts about its stability, but the more I worked with it, the more I appreciated its powerful and comprehensive translation options, as well as being reassured by the rapid response of the developers to bug reports. The previous version.1 went through 129 builds in its lifetime: although this wouldn't be good news with a sequencer, it makes a lot more sense with Translator, especially since each update file is only about.5Mb in size. If you have a Peavey, Ensoniq asrx, Kurzweil, or Emu sampler from the ESi onwards, it can use the smdi protocol to take samples from any drive and send them direct to the sampler or vice versa if it's detected on the end of a scsi chain the sampler. However, my version was only supplied with an Unlock code, and in this situation you need to register at the Chicken Systems web site to get a suitable Keycode. Thankfully Chicken Systems are amazingly responsive to user feedback, and users are invited to email to them any files that don't translate properly, so that the problem can be quickly resolved, often within a day or two. They have a sudden spiritual experience that leads them to the conclusion that they're otherkin. Whatever native format your sampler uses, you will always get best results if you buy libraries in that same format, but whenever you use nonnative formats Translator should give far better results than the utilities built in to hardware and software samplers. Samples from the Roland S700 series can be compensated in both directions using the coding from Roland's own EmphasisDeemphasis filter.

Given the number of excellent hardware and software samplers that are now available, you might be forgiven for thinking that the modern samplist would have an easy life. However, these conversion processes tend to quite basic, and may not include the format you're interested. Although they may feel as if they aren't on the inside. Fire bombed in Hamburg. When you first run it, a registration page requires that you enter Keycode and Unlock codes supplied on the 'Certificate of Authenticity'. Akai S1000, S3000, S5000, and MPC series.

What they're doing (mostly games and chatting online) isn't illegal, doesn't victimize other people, and isn't a form of mental illness (unless people become delusional about it so there's no need for treatment. It's an attractive and wellwritten utility, and also has a useful database facility to catalogue your sounds. Translator also scored where multiple Akai programs used the same samples: converting the entire folder with Translator created a single GIG file containing the various instrument options, whereas CDxtract created a separate GIG file for each one, taking up far more space on the destination drive. If you don't, at 79 CDxtract is almost half the price of Translator, and I've always found it very easy to use and extremely stable). They might feel like a dragon, an elf, a lion or a wolf anything.