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new members, the IWW began a wave of organizing drives. Congress in April 1917, the IWW's general secretary-treasurer Bill Haywood became determined that the organization should adopt a low profile in order to avoid perceived threats to its existence. Retrieved 21 September 2012. 59 :1516 In Chicago, the IWW was an early opponent of so-called urban renewal programs (now more often termed as gentrification and supported the creation of the "Chicago People's Park" in 1969. The campaign continued until 1997, when management fired two organizers and laid off over half the employees, as well as reducing the hours of known union members. "The Nightmare of Dreamland".

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Ettor, who had been arrested in 1912, giving a speech to barbers on strike A newspaper editorial cartoon from 1917, critical of the IWW's antiwar stance during World War I Anti-socialist cartoon in a railroad-sponsored magazine, 1912 The IWW's efforts were met with "unparalleled" resistance. 58 1960s rejuvenation edit The 1960s civil rights movement, anti-war protests, and various university student movements brought new life to the IWW, albeit with many fewer new members than the great organizing drives of the early part of the 20th century. Washington State Historical Society. 101 By the middle of the Second World War, IWW membership had dropped to 500, but had rebounded to 2000 by 1946. Members of the Industrial Workers of the World have included: Lucy Parsons Helen Keller 132 Joe Hill Ben Fletcher Ralph Chaplin Arturo Giovannitti Ricardo Flores Magn James.

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