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River dried up, they migrated to river Charmanwati now known as Chambal meaning fish in Dravidian languages. The term Nayaka means leader. This region contains the Aravulli Hills and is also known as Mewat. The Sri Meenakshi Temple is the major sight in Madurai. The Bestas (hunters and fishermen) of North Arcot are divided into Telugu Bestas and Parikiti Bestas, the difference between whom is chiefly one of religious observance, the former being in the habit of getting themselves branded on the shoulders with the vaishnavaite emblems, the chanka. It was politically an important town in the bygone years of medieval times as it was one of the sea ports of commercial importance in west coast.

These fishing people are known as valya kolis in North India and they seems to be valayars ( a subsect of Muthuraja ) in Tamilnadu. (Sobhakrit) The mention of name - Adapa Ketana Boya, also points that Adapa bunts are Boya / bhoyar related people who most probably belong to Bellary districts where once Kishkinda vanara kingdom existed. It seems that Nayakwai is a village and also a surname of the people from Karnataka. "Talavara" is a Telugu word in "mahatalavara".

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'Jallaries' is derived from Jala, a net. This group is also called Thevars. Some Bedars who live amidst those Lingayats ilmainen online dating chat saksa call themselves Sadaru. Mangalore was one of their capital cities. The people having Dronadula belong to Recharla gotram. Goddess Ankalamma or Ankamma is a popular diety of Cholas, Mudiraj, Erukalas, Valmiki Nayakas, etc. The Kadu kurubas of Nagarhole are said to be elephant trainers. Near the holy city of Gaya, the Buddha attained enlightenme*t.

From the inscription, it was inferred that the present village Ezhuchur was called Velima Nallur in those days and it served as the headquarters of the Nadu of the same name. They were also frequently employed with success against the Poligars (feudal chiefs whose followers were of a similar description. Go TOP gangi : The people having surname gangi mong Mudiraj seems be descended from professional fishermen background. Instead, they add fathers name as a surname. The ancient history of Rajasthan belongs to 1200 AD w,en Rajasthan was a part of different dynasties including the glkrious Mauryan Empire in around (321-184 BC).

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