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information, but he is usually pretty reliable. He obviously did not like the earlier memarandum, since he felt it shoved no "push" in getting on witb the acts of sabotage. One of these sites appears to be in a stage of construction that leads to an estimate of operational readiness of six weeks from now,.e. Attended by: Gilpatric, Johnson, General Taylor, General Carter, McCone, Scoville, General Lanscale and Colonel Steakley (part o the time). President questioned Lundahl further if the uninitiated could be persuaded that the photographs presented offensive mrbm missiles. Rusk answered that he saw no opportunity for improvement. McNamara at this point presented the alternatives referred to the previous day, stating that alternatives one and two were not conclusive and that we would have to resort to alternative 3 and in fact this would lead us ultimately into an invasion.

CIA Documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
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10 4 4 Sagua La Granda #2 4 8?? This point was discussed back and forth by various people throughout both days of discussion. The CIA History Staff hopes that the publication of this volume, and the further releases that follow, will make possible a more complete understanding of this complex and deeply troubling event. With reference to the political implications, McCone recalled that he hsd told the President and tha AG that he would take all, or his full share of responsibility, that he wished ths AG to bear this In mind as the position taken in this respsct. HE said soviets under cuban pressure give econ AND military help BUT ARE thus FAR careful NOT TO make unlimited security commitment. A small local shopping centre of about 30 units built in the 1970s has contained an unauthorised amusement arcade for the past three years. . A relatively short period of time ensued between the introduction of strategic weapons Into Cuba, particularly strategic missiles, and the commencement of the flow, although meagar, of tangible reports of their presence! If the US confronts Khrushchev with its knowledge of the mrbm deployment and presses for a withdrawal, we do not believe the Soviets would halt the deployment. Cable, 13 September 1962.

The applicants state that although there is no end user, the application is for class  B1 (single occupant) use only. In the Westminster case the inspector noted the "hybrid" nature of the internet café use, and this prompted his sui generis ruling. This memorandum is based upen discussions with. McCone Director JAM:ji:at.

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